Opto-Mechanical Systems


Opto-Mechanical Test System Design and Contract Manufacture

The ETO System was designed to provide complete electrical, thermal, and optical characterization of an LED for large scale (non-automated) industrial applications. For each LED loaded into the system spectral data is collected as the device is swept over a specified current and temperature range.  Our contribution to this project included several prototypes, industrial design, and small production run sourcing.  To see a full description of the current version of the ETO visit Orb Optronix


Development Process
  • System Requirements were established
  • Several initial concepts were presented
  • Design selection & further development
  • Initial prototype production
  • Fine tuning of design
  • Small production run

The end result was a novel and elegant LED characterization system for the industry, and a flagship product for out client.

Approximate time from initial concept to product release: 8 months and 1200 man-hrs