Optical Illumination Design


Optical Design of High Power Dive Light

The ALS MK1 is designed to be the ultimate solution for underwater photographers and cinematographers.  The system was conceived and designed by Atlantis Dive Systems, while the optical design was done by Konstant Products.

This is a amazingly high power, bomb proof light that delivers over 2000 lumens of uniform illumination 90 degree cone.  The optical system is composed of an array of 20 high power LEDs and optimimzed reflectors. The 3D model below was used for simulation- the final diamond turned reflectors were was based on this modular approach with an additional alignment plate.  The entire system is sealed with optical grade epoxy which acts as a lens and provides a leak proof seal.


Development Process
  • System Requirements established
    • Single high power LED
  • Several initial concepts were presented
  • Design selection & further development
  • Initial prototype produced and tested
  • Unforseable problems with selected LED
  • Significant redesign, and  optimization
    • 20 LED system
  • 2nd generation prototype.


The end result was an industry leading product in both uniformity and luminous output that went from a napkin to product release in less than 12 months.  A key factor to a successful outcome at this pace was the ability to work closely with the client and change the design approach as soon as a problem was detected. The ability to change and adapt quickly as a design evolves not only saves significant development costs, and can also mean the difference between the success or failure for a new product.

     Approximate design and tolerance time: 250 man-hr