Opto-Mechanical Components


Design and Limited Volume Production of a Compact 6-Axis Alignment Stage

This ultra-compact alignment system was designed for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2008.
The goal was to design and produce the front end of a breadboard mounted flight instrument.
Their prime areas of concern were ease of use, robust flight stable design, and minimal volume.


Development Process
  • System Requirements were established
  • Several initial concepts were presented,
  • Design selection & further development
  • Initial prototype production
  • Fine tuning of design
  • Small production run

The end result was a compact monolithic component that leveraged industry standard tip/tilt stage architecture  while adding vibration protection and lateral translation. On to this first stage an additional X, Y, & Z adjustment were provided to align for a secondary optical element.

Total Billed Time: Approx 400 man-hrs